The alleged indecent assault happened inside a condo in Mongkok. Photo: WikiMedia

A Pakistani man in Hong Kong who allegedly groped a 19-year-old local woman is now in police custody. He initially escaped being reported as the victim was scared and did not contact police immediately after the incident.

It was not until the Pakistani bumped into the woman and her boyfriend later on the same day that police were alerted.

The alleged indecent assault took place on Wednesday inside a condo in the city’s Mongkok district. The woman and the Pakistani knew each other. The woman put up a fight and managed to escape when the man attempted to rape her, according to the Oriental Daily News.

The 26-year-old Pakistani ran into the woman and her boyfriend that evening in the same district. The woman’s boyfriend, who was boiling with anger, subdued the man after a tense stand-off in a busy street and called police.

The Pakistani, who has a local identity card, was arrested and charged with indecent assault.