Arya Permana before the weight loss. Photo: YouTube
Arya Permana before the weight loss. Photo: YouTube

A boy in Indonesia who weighed more than 190 kilograms gave up sugar and lost almost half his body weight, paving a return to a healthy life.

Arya Permana, 12, was reported to be Indonesia’s fattest boy two years ago when he reached 199.5 kilograms in weight, Albwaba reported. Since then, he has lost 98.4 kilograms.

Originally from Cipurwasari village in West Java, doctors were stunned when a video of him cooling his body in a water tank was shown. At his heaviest, the boy was eating an amount of food that would fill two adults for a whole day. His surreal diet consisted of five daily meals.

Given his big body frame, no clothes would fit Arya. He had to drape a sarong around his body and often sit in a pool to bring down his body temperature.

His parents said Arya started gaining weight abnormally when he turned two despite having a normal birth, and local doctors found nothing abnormal about him.

Ever since he started following a strict diet and exercise regimen, Arya now weighs almost 100kgs. He followed a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and also sugar-free. He has cut out sweets and sweet drinks.

The boy now walks three miles every day and can play different sports with his friends. He also sleeps better than he did before.

Arya now loves playing soccer and hopes to be a professional player one day.