Most Filipino migrant workers send a large percentage of their salaries to their families. Photo: iStock

The Philippine government is strengthening its financial literacy initiatives for Filipino migrant workers by providing them with coaching on finance and investment before they leave to work overseas.

Labor secretary Silvestre Bello III said the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration will integrate finance and investment topics in the pre-departure seminars for Filipino migrant workers, Philippine News Agency reported.

“Doing this will certainly help our Filipino migrant workers in managing their finances abroad,” Bello said.

Philippine Migrants Rights Watch chief Carmelita Nuqui said most migrant workers send a large percentage of their living allowances back to their families. Some migrant workers even send their full salary back home, leaving them with nothing.

In many cases, migrant workers resort to taking out loans in order to send money, which results in some of them falling into serious debt that can force them to stay longer in their host countries.

Bello said the Department of Labor and Employment acknowledges this issue as the lead government authority tasked to oversee the welfare and interest of Filipino migrant workers.

“It is our responsibility to provide comprehensive assistance to the Filipino migrants and their families. It is also a moral obligation for the government to help migrant workers in managing their finances,” he said.