"Vietnamese Tarzan" Ho Van Lang. Photo: Youtube.
"Vietnamese Tarzan" Ho Van Lang. Photo: Youtube.

A Vietnamese man who lived in the jungle for more than four decades with his father is set to be featured in a new documentary coming up in 2019.

Ho Van Lang lived in the jungles of Quang Ngai province for more than 40 years and returned to civilization in 2013, earning the title “Vietnamese Tarzan”, the Viet Nam News reported.

Lang reportedly was avoiding the war with America and was not aware it had ended. Lang went back to the same area he grew up in with Spanish explorer Alvaro Cerezo in 2016, where they filmed a documentary about his lifestyle, after which Cerezo promised to take him to a deserted island, which sets the premise for the new documentary.

The documentary raked in five million views.

Cerezo took “Tarzan” to an island in the Pacific Ocean, where, according to Cerezo, Lang was happy and hyperactive. Cerezo also described Lang as “a little child in a theme park.” He also added that while he had met other wild people before, his experience with Lang was rather interesting.

The documentary about the “Vietnamese Tarzan” on the island will be released in early 2019 on YouTube.