A Filipino cleaner was hired to clean an Egyptian man's apartment in Dubai when she was touched inappropriately by the man. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An Egyptian man who had been found guilty of groping a Filipino cleaner lost his appeal on Sunday and will face three months in prison in Dubai.

In March this year, the 46-year-old Egyptian man hired a Filipino to clean his apartment. The woman arrived at his apartment and started working and ironing clothes. The man then called her into his bedroom and asked her to clean it, Gulf News reported.

The Filipina went to the bedroom and started cleaning when the man groped her posterior and then quickly removed his hand. She yelled at him and asked why he groped her, but the man claimed it was an accident.

“I pushed his hand away as he grabbed my hand and told me he would give me money to keep quiet and not file a police complaint,” the Filipina was quoted as saying.

The man paid for her service and asked her not to report the incident to police. However, she called the police after she left the apartment and the man was arrested. In October, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted him for groping the Filipina.

The man appealed and the case went to the Appeal Court. However, on Sunday, the court dismissed the appeal and confirmed his jail sentence of three months. The man will be deported after he does his time.

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