Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An Austrian man was given a suspended three-month jail term for sexually harassing two Filipinos in his residence in Dubai. The 68-year-old allegedly molested the two women in separate incidents.

The first victim said she was called to the man’s residence in January and was giving him a massage when he undressed and molested her, Khaleej Times reported.

In March, the second victim, who was warned by the other cleaner about what had happened to her months earlier, was asked to go to the man’s apartment to do some cleaning. She said the man told her to go into his bedroom to give him a massage.

This worried the Filipina, who later claimed the man hugged and molested her after removing her clothes. After getting out of the apartment, she lodged a complaint with the police, providing them with mobile phone video footage of the alleged assault.

The police arrested the man, who after being shown the video footage, was charged with molesting the two women. The man denied the allegations, but was handed a suspended three-month jail term, after which he will be deported. The man has appealed against the sentence.