Kuwait City, Kuwait. Photo: iStock
Kuwait City, Kuwait. Photo: iStock

A Filipino taxi driver in Kuwait has been charged with kidnapping after helping Filipino domestic workers escape from their employers.

Jelamar Fuentes used his Facebook account to contact other Filipino workers in Kuwait. One woman asked him to pick her up at her employer’s home and help her escape, GMA News reported.

The woman claimed she was being maltreated by her employer. She gave Fuentes her address and promised to pay him for helping her.

However, the taxi driver is facing charges for violating Kuwaiti law against kidnapping. Fuentes, who is now under the custody of the Philippine Embassy’s office in charge of the welfare of domestic workers, said he believed he hadn’t committed any crime as he just wanted to help his compatriots in distress.

According to Mohammad Noordin Lomondot, chargé d’affaires at the embassy, Fuentes is facing charges of kidnapping. Lomondot said the embassy would provide legal assistance to Fuentes.