Malabar in Palm Bay where the large sow was found. Photo: Google Maps

A large female hog was captured in Florida in the southern United States on December 15 after a team of trappers and dogs were dispatched to the scene.

James Dean, a wildlife trapper in Melbourne, was called after people saw the large sow, the Florida Today reported. It was tearing up the turf at a playground near a school bus stop.

Dean tried using a deer trap to catch the large pig to no avail as it avoided the trap for about 10 days.

At around 7:30 am on December 15, police in Palm Bay, Florida, assisted by blocking traffic near the intersection of Malabar and Minton roads when Dean, along with four men and four hunting dogs, started looking for the pig. The dogs located the hog in 10 minutes.

The trappers then subdued the hog and secured it in a cage. Dean said it was the largest pig he had seen since 2012. In the end, the massive sow was put down. The movement of feral swine in the state of Florida is subject to regulations.