Performers at "The Great 50 Show." Photo: Youtube.
Performers at "The Great 50 Show." Photo: Youtube.

An Indonesian troupe is taking the circus world a giant step forwards with its latest show being not only animal-free, but also promoting animal rights.

On December 14, Oriental Circus Indonesia opened their 50th-anniversary show named “The Great 50 Show” at the Gelora Bung Karno sports complex in Jakarta, Indonesia, The Jakarta Post reported.

The performance incorporated lights that add 21st-century elements to a show that was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. However, what makes the show truly modern is the fact that it features no animals whatsoever.

High-flying acrobats from China, Indonesia and Mongolia put on breathtaking displays that left viewers in awe. Fire choreography, aerial silk dances and trapeze stunts were also among other exciting performances put on during the show.

The show’s director, Peter Wilson, spoke to the press after the performance. He said “The Great 50 Show” creatively tells the story of the circus founder Had Manansang’s experiences and his journey in building the circus in the 1960s.

The producer of the show Thibault Paquin said the circus company had taken a contemporary approach in order to attract the newer generation. The show is set to tour five cities in Indonesia. Bali will be the last stop of the tour in June 2019.