Marina South Pier, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Marina South Pier, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A 37-year-old Indonesian woman has praised her employer on social media, saying she had treated her like a member of the family right from the time she began work.

The worker named Helen, who came from North Sulawesi, said on her Facebook page that she was grateful to have an employer for the past three years who permitted her to reunite with her family on Batam Island every week, the Shin Min Daily News reported.

A reporter who interviewed the worker, said she revealed that her husband was allowed to come to Singapore and stay over with her during holidays.

And when it came to her birthday or Christmas, she was given presents.

Helen stressed that the precious things she learned from her employer was putting family first and receiving and giving kindness.

Alexandra, the highly-praised employer in the story, told the newspaper that they came to Singapore in August 2015 and Helen had joined them in August and stayed with them ever since.

Helen was a member of her family and she was glad to have her to take good care of everyone at home, she added.

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