Photo: iStock.
Photo: iStock.

A new bylaw has been passed in the coastal West Sumatran city of Pariaman in Indonesia that will fine citizens for so-called “LGBT activity”.

On November 30, city council chairperson Fitri Nora said a fine of up to 1 million rupiahs (US$70) will be applied to those who perform “immoral acts that disturb public order,” Out in Perth reported. Authorities have yet to provide the public with a clear description of what might constitute a violation of the new regulation.

In Indonesia, homosexuality has never been illegal, with the exception of in Aceh province, where Sharia law is in force. However, across the country, there have been many recent calls for homosexuality to be outlawed, particularly among the country’s religious hardliners.

The new law is just one of numerous examples of anti-LGBT news in the past few months. On November 2, Three transgender women in Lampung, Sumatra were filmed being hosed down with water from a fire truck. Local police were allegedly responsible for the incident.

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