The rooster swallows the young cobra whole. Photo: YouTube
The rooster swallows the young cobra whole. Photo: YouTube

A farmer’s feathers were a bit ruffled in central India last month when he saw one of his roosters attack a baby cobra and swallow it whole with relative ease.

On November 2, Nanjappa Hukeri spotted a young cobra in his backyard at a village in the city of Kalbrugi, Karnataka, Newsflare reported.

In the video, the rooster is seen pecking at the snake and then picking it up and swallowing it with ease. The young cobra tried to put up a fight and escape, but it was clearly outweighed by the chicken.

Some said the rooster may have mistaken the snake for a worm.

Cobras are highly venomous snakes, even young ones, and a single bite can kill an elephant. In this case, the rooster was fortunate enough to have swallowed the cobra before it could bite.

Roosters are good at hunting centipedes, worms and small snakes as they attack their prey and peck them from above. However, roosters are still vulnerable to larger snakes such as pythons, which often see them as lunch.

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