Fanling Station, the New Territories
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Fanling Station, the New Territories Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 12-year-old boy was rescued after falling onto train tracks while concentrating on his smartphone at Fanling MTR Station in the New Territories  on Wednesday morning.

At around 8am, the boy surnamed Kan, was reportedly playing on his phone while standing at the platform waiting for a train heading towards Hung Hom, Apple Daily reported.

Kan lost his footing and fell to the train track and yelled for help.

A witness surnamed Lau said that many commuters and platform assistants witnessed the incident.

Luckily, no train was coming in at the time, and platform staff were quickly able to rescued Kan from the track.

The MTR’s control center monitored the incident via CCTV and reported the case to the police.

A spokesperson for the MTR Corp. confirmed that the incident had happened. The student told the staff that he was looking at his phone when he lost his balance and fell onto the track. He suffered injuries to his right elbow and was sent to the hospital for medical treatment accompanied by a family member.

The spokesperson urged other passengers to be aware of platform safety. There is no platform safety screen at Fanling station.