The monitor lizard circled around the python as another lizard watched. Photo: Marisa Kbg@Facebook

Footage showing a fight between a giant monitor lizard and a python on a university’s grounds in the Thai capital Bangkok has gone viral on the internet.

The encounter took place in the middle of Bangkok’s Mahidol University. Police and bystanders watched as the two reptiles battled near a lake on the campus.

Marisa Kbg, who attends Mahidol University, posted videos of the fight on her Facebook page. In the video, the monitor lizard is seen circling the snake. Another monitor lizard is also seen in the video, watching the fight.

In only one day, the videos amassed more than one million views. The student said the fight was the most exciting thing that had happened on campus since she started her studies.

In the end, the reptilian brawl was cut short when rescuers captured the python and put it in a bag.

Apart from Mahidol University, other universities, as well as the popular Lumpini Park, have monitor lizards that roam freely. Silpakorn University in Bangkok also has the lizards on its grounds.

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