The upmarket Deep Water Bay district on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps

Police are hunting for a gang responsible for two attempted burglaries in upmarket Deep Water Bay on Hong Kong Island at the weekend. In both cases they were disturbed by residents and left empty-handed.

The first occurred at 7pm on Saturday when a domestic worker saw a shadow in the bedroom of a residence at Country Villa on Shouson Hill Road and then discovered that a door had been prised open. Police were unable to find the suspect and no valuables were stolen.

They were called out again at 3am on Sunday, this time to nearby Springfield Gardens on Shouson Hill Road West, when a 47-year-old woman reported that she had seen a shadow outside the house. Police officers found that someone had tried to force a window open from outside a bedroom, but nothing was taken.

Given the short timeframe between the two incidents, the police believe that one gang was responsible for both. They have not said whether the same thieves were behind another burglary at Springfield Gardens on Thursday that did involve a loss of property.

A 44-year-old woman found a knife on the floor of her living room and open windows after being awoken by noise. The thieves took a Guan Yin statue worth HK$8,000 (US$1,022), two bottles of wine valued at HK$5,000 and HK$3,500 in cash. No one has been arrested so far.