A woman eats food ordered online at her home. Photo: iStock
A woman eats food ordered online at her home. Photo: iStock

One hundred foreign domestic workers based in Hong Kong will be able to enjoy free meals offered by an online food-delivery company over Christmas, from December 24 to 26.

Deliveroo, a food delivery platform, is offering free meals to the unsung heroes of Hong Kong – domestic workers, who stay in the city over the holidays, according to a press release.

“Domestic workers are at the heart of the Hong Kong community, working hard around the clock to care for the homes and families of people across the city,” the company said. “Their dedicated efforts are invaluable to powering the success of Hong Kong as a major metropolis and international capital for business.”

The company said it will offer the first 100 domestic workers who email Deliveroo (hksocialmedia@deliveroo.com) with a registered email address and a photocopy of their passport cover will get HK$120 credited to a Deliveroo account for them to enjoy a meal between December 24 and 26. The company reminded participants not to send passport details, just a pic of the cover.

Brian Lo, general manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong, said he hopes the company’s initiative will be a reminder to Hong Kong people about the foreign domestic workers’ contributions to the city. He said the giveaway was one of several planned corporate social responsibility activities.

Currently, there are more than 360,000 foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong, who come mainly from the Philippines and Indonesia. Some are from Thailand and Bangladesh. Many of these foreign domestic workers will return to their home countries over the Christmas holiday period as their employers depart Hong Kong for vacations.

People in Hong Kong will enjoy a public holiday on December 25 and 26.

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