Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The family of a Filipino migrant worker in Saudi Arabia who has been missing for more than two weeks is seeking help. Carlo R Flores, 48, who has been in Saudi Arabia for 27 years working in heavy-equipment maintenance, was supposed to return home to the Philippines this month. However, according to Chris Araza, Flores’ brother, he and his family have not heard from Flores since November 20, The Filipino Times reported.

Araza said Flores’ workmates told him that they witnessed three men forcibly dragging him out of his room. One of the men was wearing a mask. Flores’ colleagues have not heard from him since.

“My family is devastated hearing this bad news from one of our only contacts there from his work,” Araza said.

Araza’s family have filed a report to the Philippine Overseas Welfare and Workers Association, the embassy in Saudi Arabia and Flores’ recruitment agency, but have not heard any news.