Macau where the couple lived and worked. Photo: Google Maps

A 40-year-old Filipino migrant worker was arrested in Macau on December 8 and charged with assaulting his girlfriend because she did not reply to his messages.

The Filipino man, a migrant who works as a security guard in Macau, lived with his 41-year-old Filipina girlfriend after they came to the city in 2015, Today Macao reported.

At 10 pm on December 6, the man argued with the woman when she returned home as she had not responded to his messages. He was angry and punched and kicked her.

The woman tried to escape, but the man chased after her. She was hit in again, causing a number of injuries to her eyes, left arm and left thigh. The woman went to the hospital the next day and told a doctor the man had assaulted her.

Medical staff passed the case to the judiciary police for further investigation. Officers arrested the Filipino man at his workplace in Travessa da Concórdia and sent him to the public prosecutor’s office.

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