Deira, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino man in Dubai has won 10 grams of gold for shedding 10 kilograms in a fitness challenge.

34-year-old Romal Maniyok entered the “Lose To Win Gold” challenge, with was initiated by the Al Ghurair Center in Deira to promote health consciousness among foreigners, Manorama Online reported.

Maniyok said he had always wanted to be fit, but never had time to visit a gym regularly. However, as he already walked three to five kilometers a day, to meet the challenge he began walking up to 10 kilometers a day. This helped him to significantly reduce his body weight.

According to Zeinab Badar, marketing head at The Al Ghurair Center, the challenge rewards the winning participant with a gram of gold for every kilogram of weight lost during the 30-day challenge period.

“This competition is not just about winning gold for a short-term commitment towards their health but aims to encourage our community at large to permanently adopt a well-balanced lifestyle,” Badar said.