Vacaville, California, US. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Vacaville, California, US. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino-American man accused a Starbucks barista of racism after his name was changed from John to Chang on his order in Vacaville, California in the United States.

Johncarl Festejo, who is a retired US Air Force veteran, went to a Starbucks before taking his 12-year-old daughter to school last Monday. When the barista took their orders and asked for his name, Festejo gave it as John, Newsweek reported.

After a few minutes, the barista called out for “Chang”. Festejo approached the counter and asked if it was his order and told the staff that his name was not Chang. The barista said it could have been his name on the mobile app.

“I double checked my Starbucks app. It says my name. I just asked is this some kind of joke? For real?,” Festejo said.

When he asked why his name was changed to Chang, Festejo said the barista sniggered. Festejo complained to Starbucks’ corporate office, who issued an apology, and the barista in question was reportedly removed from the outlet’s shift rotation.

Earlier this year, Starbucks closed up to 8,000 stores in the US for a day to give employees a racial-bias education course.