People gather salvageable items from damaged buildings on Carita beach, after the area was hit by a tsunami that may have been caused by the Anak Krakatoa volcano. Photo: AFP

An unsympathetic employer in Hong Kong has copped a hail of criticism after refusing to allow her domestic worker leave to go back to Indonesia after relatives went missing in the tsunami that hit the country last Saturday.

The Hong Kong woman said she did not allow immediate leave despite her worker being troubled by the fate of her family and hometown, simply because her pet would be left unattended.

The employer was unhappy that her Indonesian worker had not given a month’s notice before applying for time off, although the maid was desperate to locate her relatives in the Sunda Strait and asked for leave so she could rush back to find them, Sing Pao Daily reported.

The employer, still vacationing overseas with her husband, said she had received many calls from her worker asking for immediate unpaid leave.

“What happens to her family is none of my business… Her relatives are not dead but just missing, and [the Indonesian worker] is just finding another excuse to loaf on the job,” the employer complained in a callous post.

“I told her I would let her go back if anyone in her family was ultimately found dead,” she wrote.

The employer deleted her post after receiving a flood of condemnation from other people, but she reportedly stirred up another commotion after seeking advice from other employers to summarily terminate her worker’s contract without giving her any payment.

It was unclear late on Thursday if the worker had been fired or allowed to return to Indonesia.

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