A Filipino domestic worker's mother fulfilled her dream and obtained a high school diploma at age 82. Photo: iStock

A Filipino domestic worker’s mother had her dream fulfilled by graduating from high school at age 82. According to Cecil Calsas, who works in Hong Kong, her mother Nicanora had to stop her studies when her father died. Calsas said her mother only finished Grade 6, sunwebhk.com reported.

Calsas has been working in Hong Kong since September 2007 to support her family financially, and Nicanora was left to take care of her children. Calsas did not know that her mother had resumed her studies.

“I was surprised that she graduated. I’m happy for her,” she said.

Nicanora was the oldest secondary-school graduate of Dr Catalino D Nava National High School in San Lorenzo, Guimaras province, at age 82. She managed to complete her high-school education while being active in her village, mainly in senior citizens’ affairs.

According to Calsas, Nicanora was on a home-study plan and her teacher went to her house regularly to instruct her. After 70 years, Nicanora fulfilled her dream of having a high-school diploma.