North Point in Hong Kong where the accident happened. Photo: RTHK
North Point in Hong Kong where the accident happened. Photo: RTHK

An Indonesian domestic worker was wrongly criticized on social media and called cruel because she was taking photos after the fatal school bus crash in North Point on Hong Kong Island on Monday afternoon.

The domestic worker, in fact, was employed by an elderly woman who was killed during the accident, the Oriental Daily reported. A photo posted on Facebook went viral and showed the domestic worker holding up a phone to photograph the scene after the accident happened.

The photo drew criticism and people slammed the domestic worker for seemingly showing no sympathy for other people.

However, the critics were silenced when it was discovered the Indonesian worked for an 80-year-old woman who was pronounced dead at the scene after the crash. The dead woman had been living with her son and the domestic worker in North Point.

On Monday, the elderly woman and the domestic worker went to a wet market. When the accident happened, the elderly woman had stopped in front of a store on Hei Wo Street, while the domestic worker went to another store to buy vegetables.

The Indonesian domestic worker rushed back to the scene when the accident happened. She cried for Popo, Popo, or grandma in Cantonese, hoping to find the old woman. When she learned the woman had been killed, she wailed and trembled and cried.

She took photos because the employer’s family asked her to, the Sing Pao reported. An empty school bus hit a crowd of pedestrians in North Point, killing four and injuring 11.

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