Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker managed to arrange escape from her abusive employer while renewing her passport at the Philippine Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Marlene (not her real name) said she was molested by her male employer and his sons for two years. She recounted one incident when one of her employer’s sons forced his way into the bathroom when she was cleaning it and attempted to rape her. She managed to escape the ordeal by using a cleaning tool to beat off the attacker, GMA News reported.

Marlene claimed that she asked her recruitment agency in the Philippines for help but nothing happened until her contract expired last month. She then managed to persuade her female employer to accompany her to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in the Jeddah consulate to arrange her passport renewal.

When they arrived, Marlene sought help and begged her employer to let her stay behind.

Edgar Badajos, the Philippine consul to Jeddah, said Filipinos who are in trouble could seek refuge at Philippine diplomatic missions and would be safe from any abuses.

Assistant Labor Attaché Germie Daytoc said the Jeddah consulate would contact Marlene’s recruitment agency to make arrangements for her repatriation.