Some maids have been tempted to take their employer's belongings. Photo: iStock

A Hong Kong singer called police when he discovered his domestic worker had stolen valuables from his home. Eric Suen Yiu-wai posted his experience on Facebook, saying he finally had the courage to report the thefts to police when he found the Filipina domestic worker, who had been with him for only three months, stole belongings worth about HK$100,000 (US$12,792), the Oriental Daily reported.

Suen said items went missing at his home recently, including limited edition watches, a limited edition NBA sports shirt and home appliances, prompting him to look seriously into the case before his suspicions pointed to the maid.

He described the worker as having a short memory and a lack of hygiene. “She once forgot to close the door and left home. She also forgot to switch off the water leading to a flood in the washroom,” he said.

Suen said he and his wife could not tolerate her behavior as they treated the worker like a little sister, but they could not tolerate her stealing. He said he felt sad and wanted to let the worker go at first when he discovered the alleged thefts, which the worker denied and cried in front of him.

However, when police officers arrived and investigated, a number of the missing items were discovered in the worker’s room. She also admitted she had stolen some Taiwanese banknotes from Suen’s wallet.

Suen said he did not regret calling the police.

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