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A 27-year-old domestic worker from Myanmar was arrested by Macau Judiciary Police after her employers found her abandoned newborn daughter outside their apartment.

At 8pm on Thursday, when the employers and the domestic worker were having dinner at an apartment in Patio da Guia, the worker claimed she felt unwell and went to the washroom, but stayed for more than 10 minutes, Macao Daily News reported.

One of her employers checked and found the woman lying unconscious on the floor. Blood was on the floor.

The worker was sent to a hospital and the doctor confirmed that she had given birth.

Meanwhile, police searched the apartment but could not find any newborn child.

At 4:30am on Friday, the female employer returned home from the hospital. When she set out to clean the washroom, she heard some weak sounds of a baby crying, Jornal Cheng Pou reported.

She opened the window and found a newborn girl with the placenta still attached. The infant had been wrapped in a towel and placed on an air-conditioner bracket.

The woman called the police again and the baby was sent to hospital.

It was understood that the baby girl had been forced to endure cold wind for eight hours while hidden outside the apartment.

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