D&G apologized for its videos, which led to claims of racism in China. Photo: iStock
D&G apologized for its videos, which led to claims of racism in China. Photo: iStock

Any hopes Dolce & Gabbana might have had that the controversy over its racially insulting remarks about Chinese would die down appear to be doomed, as the affair continues to create tensions in online posts.

The latest row centers on someone called Mario De Felice, who sent an Instagram post that was clearly designed to anger Chinese viewers.

“If the Chinese do not buy our D&G products, let all Italians boycott Chinese food,” the message said. “The Chinese clothing are poisonous. The Chinese like tax evasion. The Chinese food are outdated. Do not buy any Chinese products.” It was later deleted and the account has been changed to a private status.

There was an outcry over his post online, ensuring that the row will stay alive for a bit longer. A post on the liusilang520 student blog said Chinese would boycott D&G products because Italians had repeatedly offended Chinese people and their culture, even though “we had tried to forgive them”. It ended with the message: “Shame on you!”

The luxury Italian fashion house was forced into damage control a week ago when three promotional videos on the company’s Weibo account showed a Chinese woman using chopsticks to eat pizza and other Italian food, accompanied by derogatory remarks. She was told to use her “small” Chinese chopsticks to eat a “large” Italian pizza.

Then two Instagram exchanges referring to the videos made insulting comments about Chinese. The company said its accounts had been hacked, but this did not prevent an angry response within China.

“We have nothing but respect for China and the people of China,” D&G co-founder Stefano Gabbana wrote in a subsequent apology. “I love China and Chinese culture. I’m sorry for what happened.”

Chinese celebrities boycotted a D&G catwalk show scheduled for Wednesday last week in Shanghai and it was eventually canceled. About a dozen Chinese holding “Not Me” banners protested in front of D&G’s headquarter in Milan.

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