A snake catcher uses a cricket bat to remove a python from a toilet. Photo: Queensland Urban Utilities@Facebook.

A family was shocked earlier this month when they found a python in their toilet in Brisbane, Australia, but in typical Aussie fashion, a cricket bat was used to remove it.

On December 11, Queensland Urban Utilities posted photographs of the python being removed from a toilet, Starts at 60 reported. A man is seen in the photo moving the snake by using a cricket bat.

Tony Harrison, a snake catcher, said reptiles are more active when the weather gets warmer – it’s summer in Australia – a time when snakes come out of hibernation to mate and feed.

He added that in warm weather, snaked often go into people’s backyards, schools and other populated areas.

It is illegal to injure and kill snakes from the wild in Australia. According to the Nature Conservation Act 1992, snakes are a protected species under the law. People are advised to call a snake catcher if one is found at their homes.

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