Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
Photo: The Observatory
Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Photo: The Observatory

Even as Hong Kong residents enjoy unseasonably warm weather, the Observatory has advised the public to be prepared for cold weather coming this weekend.

According to the Observatory, a cold front is expected to move across the south China coast overnight on Thursday, prompting significant drops in temperatures across the region on Friday.

At 2pm on Wednesday, the city’s temperature reached 23 degrees Celsius. However it is now forecast to drop to 17 degrees on Friday

The Observatory forecasts that the minimum temperature will drop lower to 15 degrees on Saturday and will plunge further to 12 degrees on Sunday.

An intense northeast monsoon is forecast for Guangdong early next week. This, together with the influence of a broad band of cloud and rain, means the region has cold and rainy weather to look forward to next week.

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