North Point on Hong Kong Island where the alleged thefts took place. Photo: Google Maps

A 44-year-old Indonesian domestic worker was arrested for allegedly stealing branded clothes and handbags from her employer on Friday.

Sarina Hung, a Hong Kong fashion and lifestyle blogger, called police on Friday after discovering valuables worth about HK$400,000 (US$51,186) at her serviced apartment on Java Road in North Point on Hong Kong Island were missing, the Oriental Daily reported.

As Hung travels frequently and is not in the city most of the time, her mother hired a part-time domestic worker to clean the flat. At first, Hung’s mother was at the flat when the domestic worker came in. But after a while, Hung’s mother trusted the worker and gave her the door key so she could work on her own.

On Wednesday, Hung received a photo from a friend which showed her domestic worker carrying a branded handbag. The handbag was the same as one Hung owned.

Hung then checked the paper box where the handbag was stored, but found a stuffed toy inside.

She checked her closet and found two branded handbags, two designers high-heel shoes, sneakers, clothes, boots, her daughter’s toy and limited edition Octopus cards were missing. The items had an estimated value of HK$400,000.

At 6 pm on Friday, the domestic worker went to Hung’s apartment to work. Hung then called the police. After an initial investigation, officers arrested the domestic worker for alleged theft. The case is being followed up by the crime investigation unit of the Eastern District Police Station.

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