Charging battery of an electric car. Photo: iStock
Charging battery of an electric car. Photo: iStock

China aims to significantly improve its charging technology and infrastructure to increase the use of electric vehicles according to a new policy released by National Development and Reform Commission and three other departments, reported.

The policy points out that more than 600,000 rechargeable piles have been built so far. However, construction difficulty and low operational efficiency of charging facilities still restricts the development of new energy cars.

The policy urges the strengthening of charging technology research and development of various products to meet the charging needs of different vehicles in different scenarios over the next three years.

The government should also ensure construction land for charging piles that will handle new energy buses, taxis, delivery vehicles and rental or shared cars, according to the policy.

A previous five-year plan for charging infrastructure development has set a goal that China will build 12,000 centralized charging stations and 4.8 million decentralized charging piles to meet the charging needs of 5 million electric vehicles nationwide by 2020.

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