The Chanel store in Hong Kong. Photo: iStock.
The Chanel store in Hong Kong. Photo: iStock.

Luxury fashion brand Chanel has become the first major fashion house to declare an end to the use of exotic animal skins in its products.

Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s head of fashion, reportedly said it had become difficult to acquire pelts and skins in an ethical manner, The Telegraph reported. He added that the brand has chosen to stop using the materials despite the high price points of products that use animal skins.

Chanel also wants to focus more on the brand’s savoir-faire, or adaptability. On December 4, Chanel removed bags made from python, crocodile, lizard and stingray skins from its website.

Animal rights groups applauded the move. Claire Bass, the director of Humane Society International said that by stopping the use of exotic pelts, Chanel is saving countless animals from pain and suffering.

PETA used the news to put pressure on Louis Vuitton, saying companies should follow Chanel and stop inflicting pain on huge numbers of animals.

Karl Lagerfeld, the renowned designer for Chanel, said that in any case, the brand barely used fur nowadays. He told the media that he could not even remember when it was last showcased on the runway.