Rescue workers put the snake in a large bag before taking it away. Photo: YouTube screen grab.

A family in Thailand were horrified to discover a python had been living under their house in eastern Bangkok.

On November 23, 65-year-old pensioner Ruang Peung dialed an emergency services hotline upon spotting the python slithering out of the back door of his house in Chachoengsao, the Hindustan Times reported.

One of Peung’s cats had reportedly gone missing on the same day, and some reports said five or six of Peung’s cats had disappeared over the past year.

Rescuers from the Chachoengsao Rescue Foundation got to the scene and found the snake curled up under the wooden floor of the house. Men from the rescue group spent more than an hour finding and removing the reptile, which had wrapped itself around a fixed beam under the floor.

After a long tussle, they were able to get the large snake into a sack. The python was ultimately released back in the wild a few kilometers away.