The farmer's bull tried to eat a piece of fruit which was laced with explosives. Photo: iStock

A bull in India was injured yesterday after it chewed a piece of fruit spiked with explosives meant for wild boars. The incident happened on December 20 when a man left his bull in a field near Vadipatti in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

The bull saw a piece of fruit and tried to eat it, the Times of India reported.

The bull’s owner called police after the explosion. Local police rushed to the spot and found eight similar explosive fruit traps after searching the area.

According to police, the traps were most likely made to attract wild boars. There had been reports of boars ravaging the fields in the Vadipatti area.

The bull sustained injuries to its jaw and was being treated. Official statistics suggest that boars have dealt a great deal of damage to fields in India. In 2015, wild boars caused Rs87,476 (US$1,252) worth of damage in Madurai.

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