Australian coastal carpet python. Photo: Wikipedia
Australian coastal carpet python. Photo: Wikipedia

A professional snake catcher in Queensland, Australia, advised Australians planning barbecues to take care after two separate cases of pythons being found in barbecue grills were reported in the space of two days.

On November 26, residents at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast were startled to see a carpet python slither into a barbecue grill on their patio, Yahoo News Australia reported. Local snake catcher Mark Neath was called to deal with the snake.

Neath uploaded a video on Facebook showing him removing hot plates and the barbecue cover before uncovering the coiled up snake. He added that snakes in barbecue grills are not uncommon as they tend to look for rodents there. He advised people to be careful when opening up their grills.

Just two days later, another carpet python was found hiding in a Queensland barbecue grill.

According to a UPI report on November 28, a snake catcher in Australia shared a video of him retrieving a carpet python that had sneaked into a barbecue grill in Yandina, Queensland. Snake Catcher Noosa’s Luke Huntley shared the experience on Facebook, which shows Huntley untangling the snake as he secured it without causing it any harm.

Huntley added that the owners of the house were preparing for a barbecue when they found the snake inside the grill.

Pythons are generally shy and are non-venomous. However, when threatened they can pose a danger to children.