The HDB estate on Clementi Avenue 1, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
The HDB estate on Clementi Avenue 1, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A Myanmar domestic worker taking her employer’s son for a stroll in a pram at a government apartment block in Clementi, Singapore, was allegedly harassed on Tuesday afternoon by a group of teenagers who spat on her, according to a social media post by a writer who identified herself as the employer.

The Singaporean woman recounted the unpleasant incident in a Facebook post. She said the incident happened on October 27 at about 4 pm when her maid was trying to get her baby son go to sleep by walking along the corridor on the second floor of HDB Block 419 on Clementi Avenue 1, the Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore) reported.

When she worker felt drops of liquid fall on her from above, she looked up and saw a group of teenagers on the third level. Much to her shock, it was spit and the juveniles did it again, aiming at her for a second time.

The domestic worker asked why they spat on her and the schoolgirl walked off. Then two teenagers – a boy and another girl – went downstairs to the domestic worker and spat right in front of her again and again.

When the worker wanted to walk away, the students prevented her, prompting an elderly resident passing by to come forward to stop the young pair from bullying her and to urge the worker to leave at once.

The boy then pulled out a metal ruler, waving it at the worker, the child and the elderly resident. The employer learned of the incident and called for police assistance.

The teenagers apologized after the officers made them. However, they appeared to do so unwillingly and without remorse, according to the employer.

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