Kowloon Peak in Kowloon where the men took their taxi ride. Photo: YouTube

A video clip showing a group of men sitting on the top of the taxi on Kowloon Peak has gone viral on social media. The one-minute video did not show any date or time when the incident happened, but people familiar with the landscape believe the taxi was driving along Fei Ngo Shan Road heading to Jat’s Incline from the top of Kowloon Peak, the Sing Tao Daily reported.

The video started by showing a red taxi in motion and the five men, said to be South Asian, climbed out from a window. Three men sat on the top of the taxi and two sat on a window on each side and stretched out their upper bodies.

The five men seemed very excited during the journey and waved their hands and one even stood on top of the taxi.

The taxi kept driving downhill. As Fei Ngo Shan Road is winding and narrow, and the taxi was moving slowly, it was still very dangerous.

The video stopped without showing what had happened afterwards. It was also unknown why the taxi’s driver kept going.

A person commented online saying he had witnessed a similar incident, claiming two South Asian young men sat on top of a taxi on Kowloon Peak. Many people left comments saying the taxi driver should have stopped to safeguard his passengers’ safety.

Police said they had not received any complaints or reports, but will investigate the incident.

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