Wild pigs can be dangerous, but experts agree that they are intelligent. Photo: iStock

A safety conscious wild boar in Singapore has been filmed walking across a road at a pedestrian crossing when the traffic lights changed in a video that went viral.

On November 24, Facebook user Eric Tan posted a video which showed the boar using a zebra crossing between a traffic junction and a sidewalk. Tan can be heard expressing his surprise in the video.

On his Facebook post, Tan captioned the video: “In Singapore, you follow law by law, even wild boar observe traffic rules.”

The video has since raked in more than 94,000 views, with many viewers asking: “Why did the pig cross the road?” The answer, it seems, was to get to the other side.

The increasing appearances of wild boars in Singapore was explained by the National Parks Board, a government body, The Independent reported. It said their rapid rates of reproduction, as well as a lack of natural predators, explained the growth of the wild pig population.

Environmental experts also say that deforestation and urbanization could be fueling human-boar conflicts by pushing the boars out of their habitats.

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