Migrant workers will soon be allowed into Japan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Official statistics have revealed that the most lucrative destinations for Vietnamese migrant workers include Japan and South Korea.

According to numbers posted by the Vietnam National Assembly’s Committee for Social Affairs, Vietnamese workers are paid US$1,200 per month on average in Japan and South Korea, HRM Asia reported.

Thanks to competitive salary rates, Japan and South Korea have become the largest export labor markets for Vietnam.

In 2017, 54,504 workers from Vietnam went to Japan, up 36.5% from 2016. This made Japan the second most popular destination for Vietnamese migrant workers behind Taiwan, VN Express reported.

As for South Korea, the country re-launched its Employment Permit System (EPS) in 2016, which has allowed Vietnam to send workers to South Korea. The system has seen up to 45,398 Vietnamese workers in the country, with 7,900 more to be taken in the remainder of this year.

According to Vietnam’s Ministry of Labor Invalid and Social Affairs, more than 102,000 Vietnamese left the country to work abroad from January to September of this year. Migrant workers mainly depart to take up low-skilled and labor-intensive jobs.