Kuwait City, Kuwait. Photo: iStock
Kuwait City, Kuwait. Photo: iStock

The Ambassador of Vietnam to Kuwait has told the media there has been a misconception about recent visa regulations for Vietnamese citizens entering the Middle Eastern country.

The Kuwaiti government previously imposed a ban on workers coming from Vietnam, Georgia and Guinea-Bissau to “regulate the labor market,” the Arab Times Online reported last week. It was reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs instructed a halt to issuing visas to Vietnamese visitors.

However, it was all a misunderstanding, Vietnam’s ambassador to Kuwait Trinh Minh Manh said after he met with Assistant Foreign Minister for Asian Affairs Ali Sulaiman Al-Saeed on November 7.

According to the Arab Times Online, Trinh said there was no ban on Vietnamese citizens entering the country. Only visas issued upon arrival for Vietnamese nationals had been suspended by the government.

While the reason behind the move has yet to be made public, the Vietnamese diplomat assured Vietnamese nationals they can still apply for visas and enter Kuwait.