Elderly Chinese scramble to get their food at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai. Photo: YouTube

Videos of elderly Chinese men and women pushing and shoving each other during a feeding frenzy at an international exhibition in Shanghai early this month have gone viral.

The videos showed elderly men and women scrambling to get food with some even putting it in bags to take home during the China International Import Expo in Shanghai between November 5 and 10 this year.

Some international exhibitors said they had never encountered scenes like it elsewhere in the world, toutiao.com reported. It was reported that the organizing committee of the China International Import Expo had already anticipated chaos if the exhibition was opened to the public.

In order to give out a positive image of China, the committee carefully selected expo visitors, who were all retirees, and it was intended to open up their horizons to the world’s gastronomy.

Unfortunately, those selected members of the public created a shocking scene for all the international exhibitors and participants, overshadowing the event.

Previously Chinese “dama and uncles” – a term referring to middle-and-old aged people who are rich and idle and usually of low educational backgrounds – caused chaos on a luxury vessel from the Norwegian Cruise Line by scrambling with their plates with food and causing a lot of wastage during buffets.

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