A fight on a MTR train Photo: Facebook
A fight on a MTR train Photo: Facebook

A video showing two men fighting on a Hong Kong MTR train on Tuesday has gone viral. The fight started after one passenger had a coughing fit and did not cover his mouth, upsetting his fellow commuters.

The one-minute video was uploaded by a woman to a Facebook group and explained the reason behind the fight, news website HK01.com reported. The woman said that when she took the train on Tuesday, a man carrying a red backpack in the same carriage kept coughing, but was not wearing a mask or covering his mouth with tissues or his hands.

She said she gave the man a disapproving look a few times, which upset him. He then walked near her and coughed in front of her. The woman said she could not stand his coughing so she covered her ears with her hands.

Meanwhile, a young man complained to the coughing man and told him he should cover his mouth. The two men then argued and soon started fighting.

Police received a report at 5:14 pm on Tuesday that a dispute had happened in an MTR train.  No one was injured in the fight and the MTR Corporation said no complaint had been made.

When Hong Kong residents get a cold or flu they tend to wear a face mask, both to stop the disease from spreading and in case they are carrying something more serious than a simple cold.

This has been in practice since the outbreak of SARS in 2003, which killed 299 people.

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