An unemployed Filipino man feeds stray cats in Abu Dhabi every day. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/iStock

A Filipino man who has been unemployed for almost a year has not stopped feeding street cats in Abu Dhabi. Jonathan Sibol, 30, started feeding stray cars around Al Falah and near Medeor Hospital in 2015 and used to spend 1,000 dirhams (US$272) on their food.

However, when he lost his job last year, he could not afford to buy cat food, but that did not stop him from feeding the cats, Khaleej Times reported.

“I am very thankful that some of my friends are helping me out – they donate cat food so I can keep feeding the cars every day,” Sibol said.

Sibol said he used to buy cat food, milk, water and other things the cats needed with his own money, but he became jobless for eight months. He still goes out every day to distribute food and fresh water for the stray cats. “I want to show people that having financial problems is not an excuse not to help others, including animals,” he said.

Friends and family have been sending him donations of cat food to continue his work in animal welfare. This month, Sibol will be receiving 50 kilograms of cat food.

“I’ve been keeping and saving the donations I receive in my house, and I go out on my own to feed the cats. Sometimes, a few of my friends come with me,” he said.