Dubai. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dubai. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Two Filipinos in Dubai have been jailed and ordered to pay fines for stabbing a fellow Filipino.

In May, the alleged victim had a gathering in his apartment with three Filipino friends, one man and two women. The victim’s guests left his apartment at around 4am, only to return soon afterwards, claiming they had been assaulted by two men – also Filipinos – in the elevator, Gulf News reported.

The victim and his three friends then confronted the two suspects, Filipono males, aged 32 and 33, who reportedly worked as waiters.

One of the two men cornered the victim while the other used a knife to stab him twice. Police arrived and arrested the two men while the stabbing victim was taken to hospital.

On Tuesday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, the 32-year-old defendant was sentenced to one year in jail and fined 5,000 dirhams, while the other defendant was jailed for three months and fined 3,000 dirhams. Both will be deported after serving their punishments.