US President Donald Trump said he plans to replace at least four key staff members. Photo: AFP

US President Donald Trump plans to replace key staff members as he prepares to deal with the newly empowered Democrats and the impending outcome of the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“I have three or four or five positions that I’m thinking about,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News Sunday. “I need flexibility.”

Trump hinted at the possibility that John Kelly, his chief of staff, might be leaving. “At some point, he’s going to want to move on.”

The Democrats have control of the House of Representatives after winning at least 36 seats in the recent midterm elections.

Trump insisted that it was “historic” that Republicans were able to retain control of the Senate, but control of the lower chamber will allow the Democrats to block Trump-backed legislation, issue subpoenas and launch congressional inquiries into Russian involvement, Trump’s taxes and finances, and other sensitive matters.

– With reporting from Agence France-Presse