Chennai Central Railway Station. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Chennai Central Railway Station. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A massive haul of meat seized in Chennai, India, suspected of being dog meat, turned out to be mutton after samples were sent for tests.

On November 17, a group of men was seized by the Railway Protection Force at a train station while the group was unloading packages of what was suspected to be dog meat, the India Times reported. The seizure was publicized and drew heavy criticism on social media.

On November 22, samples of the confiscated meat were tested and found to be goat meat by the Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University.

R Kathiravan of the Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Association assured citizens that the meat business would be monitored thoroughly and there was no need to panic.

He also added that the seized meat had no markings from a slaughterhouse or any proper certification. A team has been instructed to investigate the origin of the meat.

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