Anan fooled the police guard and escaped from his cell. Photo: YouTube

A prisoner in Thailand made a brief escape from prison after tricking a guard by telling him there was a snake in his cell. On November 19, prisoner Anan Komolwanit, 23, screamed for help, saying a cobra had entered his cell, LiveLeak reported.

Ratchada Supawong, a policeman guarding the cells at Sena district police station in Ayuthaya province, was fooled by the prisoner into believing there was a snake in his cell. While Ratchada was searching the cell for the snake, Anan crept out the door, locked him in and made a run for it.

CCTV footage showed Anan escaping from the cell. To make matters worse, another security camera caught footage of Anan running outside the police station and being pursued by another officer, who tripped and fell flat on his face.

More than 200 volunteers and police joined a manhunt and Anan was found the following morning, hiding under a banana tree.

Anan had originally been arrested on November 18 after he was found in possession of methamphetamine pills. He now faces additional charges relating to his escape from custody.

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