Tencent headquarters in Shenzhen. Photo: Asia Times
Tencent's headquarters in Shenzhen. Photo: Asia Times

Internet giant Tencent debuted its independent brand Tencent Autonomous Driving on Thursday, positioning itself as a complete software and service provider for the industry, The Paper reported.

The company also released three major technologies, including simulation platforms, high-precision mapping and data cloud service platforms.

Zhong Xiangping, vice president of the company, revealed that Tencent Autonomous Driving has accumulated more than one million kilometres of road test data and more than 5 million various sample data.

It is expected to complete the production of high-precision mapping of high-speed and fast roads over the first half of 2019.

Tencent also announced its TAI car intelligent system, which will build its popular instant messaging app WeChat into cars, and allow drivers to use the app in a safe driving environment.