A python. Photo by iStock.
A python. Photo by iStock.

A four-meter python killed a pet dog as it slept beside a young boy in his home in Mount Carbine, Queensland, Australia.

Jordana Terrades was woken up by what she described as an “inhuman sound.” She turned on the lights to find a python wrapped around the family dog, who had been sleeping next to her nine-year-old son Woody, the Daily Mail reported.

By then, the snake had already killed the five-month-old poodle named Tarzan and was about to swallow it.

The mother called for help from her neighbor, who had to kill the snake with a cane knife as it was, in his words, too big to handle.

Professional snake catcher Matthew Hagan said people should always call experts when encountering such a situation. He described the grip of pythons as strong enough to stop blood flow in a matter of seconds.

Last month, a 22-month-old boy had a close call in Queensland when his mother found the boy with a python wrapped around his body. The boy’s grandfather ultimately had to kill the snake in order to save his grandson. The boy was left with three bites on his arm and has since made a full recovery.

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