The 10-foot python became briefly attached to the man but was later captured and released. Photo: YouTube

A 10-foot python sunk its teeth into a Thai man’s penis as he was sitting on an office toilet in Bangkok last Thursday, leaving the shocked employee with a nasty wound that needed 15 delicate stitches.

Tersdak Kaewpangpan, 45, was sitting on one of the toilets in his office when the reptile struck. The python had slithered through the plumbing pipes and emerged in the toilet bowl, Sputnik News reported.

A shaken and sore Tersdak later told Amarin TV he was just about to leave the toilet when the snake latched onto him. He quickly grabbed the snake by the head and squeezed it to try to get its jaws open before ripping it off of his penis.

He was bleeding heavily and a neighbor had to drive him to a hospital, where he received 15 delicate stitches on the tip of his penis.

Wildlife rescuers later arrived at the scene and after a brief scuffle were able to capture the snake and put it in a sack. The reptile was then released into the wild.

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